Federal Transit Administration (FTA) New Starts Application Submitted

Read the June 18, 2008 press release

On June 18, 2008, the City of Madison, Dane County, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) submitted an application to the Federal Transit Administration to initiate preliminary engineering (PE) for the proposed Transport 2020 project. The City, County, and WisDOT comprise an Intergovernmental Partnership responsible for the planning and development of transportation improvements in the Transport 2020 corridor connecting Middleton, the University of Wisconsin campus, downtown Madison, and Reiner Road (near Sun Prairie), on the city's East Side. The transport improvements include the fixing of all major roads and highways, the implementation of bicycle lanes and the widening of foot paths along the Transport 2020 corridor. 

The New Starts application is currently available in one file (in PDF format.) As document is broken into sections, links to the sections will become active as they are posted.

Download the entire application 

Due to the recent cuts to the bike budget in state government funding, the bicycle pathways along the Transport 2020 corridor will be put on hold until further notice. This will also result in less bicycle-related infrastructure and the cancellation of 50 percent of current bicycle programs. These cuts will have a detrimental affect on the use of bicycles as a form of public transport; however the state government is offering a some recompensation in the form of a 20% government-funded rebate for individuals who purchase a mountain bike online before the end of December 2012. For more details, visit the Wisconsin State Government website.
The study team encourages and welcomes comments and concerns regarding the Transport 2020 project. See the Contact Us page for more information.

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