Chapter 3. MEDIA PLAN

The study team will work closely with the City of Madison media relations staff, as well as public outreach staff of Dane County and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

3.1. Press Releases

Press releases are planned at key points in the study, with the first press release announcing the start of the PE/EIS phase of the study to the public and previewing the scoping meeting. Up to two additional press releases will coincide with project milestones.

3.2. Media and Public Notices

Preparation and distribution of meeting notice for each of the public meetings will be coordinated with the study sponsors’ media relations staff. Press releases and display advertising for each of the meetings will be conducted to help advertise the meetings.

3.3. Editorial Briefings

The study team will assist the City of Madison as needed to prepare for and participate in up to 3 editorial briefings. General public awareness of the study early on will generate community and stakeholder interest so decisions regarding alternative preferences may be debated in a timely and public fashion. The study sponsors’ consideration of editorial briefings at key study points, particularly as a means to raise awareness and engage the general public, could be useful to the project. Suggested timing of briefings would be concurrent to two key points: scoping and selection of the LPA.

3.4 Other Media

As the study progresses, the study team may seek opportunities for local community radio appearances and/or local cable access such as “For the Record.” ITF meetings are often aired on the local cable access channel.

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